The injury gremlins in Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

I started training jiu jitsu in 1996 and since then I’ve compiled a list of injuries that have hindered my training. Dont get me wrong, I dont count the cauliflower ears or the calloused fingers. Ive taped up my ankles and wrists. Even having a nail ripped off my finger or toe tips hasnt kept me off the mat. But at 35 years of age its starting to cath up.

Some major ones have been my torn meniscus in my left knee. Two serious rib injuries from the stack position. A herniated and bulging disk in the neck. And just when I thought the jiu jitsu gods had given me a break I get Achilles tendinitis in the right ankle and bursitis in my left elbow. The ankle injury was a result of me starting my cardio sessions in the a.m. in prep of the Tokyo International Open in Nov. A combination of old shoes and going too hard on the elliptical did me in. The bursitis is from some hard contact to the point of my elbow with some thing hard. I cant even remember how I got it. I just woke up a few days ago with Popeye elbow! Went to the doc and she gave me some mild steroid for the swelling (prednisone) and some noproxcin and told me to stay off the mat for 5-7 days. Fudge!

One day at a time……..

5 thoughts on “The injury gremlins in Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

  1. Hey coach Berto, long time no talk. I’m starting to feel your pain. I just had another knee surgery to repair my repaired meniscus. This time instead of tearing a piece the whole thing flipped up into the hinge of my knee… I’ve been off the mat since February and just when I was close to getting back out there I’m back at the starting point in recovery. Definetly one day at a time…

  2. Mr. Roberto,

    Very interested to read about your neck injury! Have the same injury to C4 & 5. I have 5 & 6 fused from a car accident 11 years ago…and bulged at 6 &7. Just started JJ 15 month ago. I was afraid to try with the fusion. Based upon the herniations and bulges, I’m thinking my fears were real. Haven’t been able to turn my head, lay down, move my arm or breath with out pain. Until i read your post, I was wondering if my short, but very enjoyable experience with JJ was over. I’m hoping it’s not. I’m 45…and feeling every injury I’ve ever had. If I am able to come back…I’m assuming I need a new perspective. I think I need to pick my partners and positions more carefully. I’m really thin and going with the bigger guys is always a struggle.

    I wish you well with everything…Good luck with your training and especially your neck.

    Michael Riccio

    I’m in New Jersey at David Adiv’s (a partnership with Royler Gracie)

    • Your on the right track already from what you have told me. Listen to your body when it needs rest. Dont try to fight out of painful positions only to hurt yourself. Pick partners that are willing to respect your injury and yet still be willing to advance your training together. Massage and chiro therapy have also helped alot. Thanks for reading my blog. Visit often and I hope to have been some help.

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