Rafael and Guilherme Mendes BJJ on Guam

It has been an extremely busy week with the brothers being on Guam. That coupled with the fact that I had Gui and Rafa using my laptop I was not able to post on a real time basis. If Gui doesnt have internet access he starts to get antsy!

The technique that they displayed was incredible and they covered various setups from the Dela Riva guard, Gui’s modified sitting/spider and their passing system that was awesome! Rafa also covered a little no gi as well. I admired their humbleness and respect for everyone they met. They were clear and concise about the secret of their success…..HARD WORK, SACRIFICE and FAITH!

I was able to show them all sides of Guam on the mat and off.  The two are humble and intelligent in all subjects and they showed a real positive disposition. I cant wait to bring em back!

purebred/atos bjj

Rafael, Steve, Guilherme Purebred Guam

purebred/atos bjj

Clownin for the camera!

purebred/atos bjj guam

Good Times!

purebred/atos bjj guam

Little Pipsqueeks!

purebred/atos bjj guam

Sick stuff!


boat ops



A big thanks to Ralph Go and Carlo Pena from VPF BJJ for their translation services!


3 thoughts on “Rafael and Guilherme Mendes BJJ on Guam

  1. I’m attending a seminar by Guilherme Mendes next monday here in Sydney, Australia and really looking forward to it! Anything in particular that you recommend that I ask him about? I am a BJJ brown belt with about 10 years of training and I really wanted to ask him about the 50 50 guard!

    • Good to hear! Tell Gui that Steve from Guam says hi. The 50/50 is definately a cool aspect of thier game. But From my training with Rafa and Gui I was more impressed with their guard passing system. I could not get enough of their unique style. Let Gui know that I have had alot of success with it. Hope that helps. Have fun and keep training.

  2. Thanks for the advice Steve, sounds great! I didnt realise they were such good guard passers but I am definately looking forward to learning from them. Oh and I’ll be sure to mention that you said hey and you’re having success with their system!
    Kind Regards

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