Hawaiian haps!

Getting my passport reconciled here in Hawaii has afforded me some nice moments


Caught up with the man himself,Mike Fowler! Jiu jitsu demon!


Celebrated my bday twice, once in Guam and then in Oahu. The streets in the pic above were jammed a couple hours earlier.


South swell in town so surf check was at the world famous Point Panic….plenty stink eye from the locs…I respect that, so we surfed elswhere and were still blessed with good waves …..im gonna try my best to surf here one day….


Catching up with my bro Enson Inoue at Ala Moana Mall. If your in town he will be there til the 15th. Check his fb for his many adventures. He will teach you a thing or two.



No visit is complete without a stop to Sandy Beach. Thats my lil bro Mark and his girlie Kim, whom I just met. Bro heard I was in town and flew out from Kona. As family living abroad we have to take every op to meet up….always a fun time


Thats Napu Taimanglo having a post session refuel. He, Jared Gogue, BJ Rolinski and John Barber will be competing in events in the south shore. Wish em luck please. Go Guam!!!


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