Jiu jitsu problems…meniscus tear from bjj


I had a goal to compete in 2 IBJJF tournaments this year.  A first rd loss at the Master/Senior Worlds was a lesson and I came back stronger to a black belt title at heavyweight senior 1 in Tokyo at the Asian Open.  This was the results of a great training camp of 14weeks that included fantastic mat time with my students and fellow black belts coupled with strength training by Fit360. My wife Dara is the best partner when it comes to monitoring and supporting our intake (she competed alongside me in the purple belt div).  The by product of a healthy diet and all this extra training was a loss of 26lbs. and increased cardio output.  All fantastic stuff until Friday the 29th of Nov. Torn medial meniscus in the right knee. Pretty sure of it. Had surgery on the left knee 5 years ago for the same condition. This time was scary…my knee locked up for 9 hours until the cartilage came out of joint. Scary feeling of helplessness to say the least. So I will be looking at surgery in the next week. I’m more prepared for it this time and I accept that this is part of the jiu jitsu life. I will post the day to day progress and happenings. A whole nutha fight ahead of me.


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