Braking walls, building bridges and crushing boxes


I started my martial arts journey in 1996 in Guam at the old judo hut in Tamuning. As there was no Brazilian jiu jitsu instruction at the time, my love for grappling arts was satisfied (momentarily) with Judo. Judo taught me many things. But the closed mindedness of my then instructors, to other aspects of grappling quickly turned me off. I didn’t understand the many rules and didn’t like the attitude of only thinking inside the box. Later on Brazilian jiu jitsu was more accessible and not only did it have me thinking outside the box, I feel that that box was crushed. Some Judo practitioners were quick to downplay the effectiveness of BJJ and a lot of them wouldn’t give BJJ the credit I felt it deserved. If any grappler knows their sports history they would know that BJJ was the precursor to modern judo. Jiu jitsu’s primary purpose is and always will be for self defense. Judo is for sport. Fast forward to yesterday, March 3, 2014. I was asked by Sensei Nishizawa, head judo coach of Tokai University and 2x World champion Hitoshi Sugai, technical director of Tokai University to conduct a seminar on newaza (ground technique) for their college competition team. Judo is evolving as well with European and American judoka integrating more jiu jitsu technique in order to combat the technical throws of the Japanese judoka. It was a great honor for me to be able to share technique with them. And for that i am greatly humbled. I was impressed with their eagerness to learn and their ability to apply what was taught. When I think about it now, modern judoka are crushing some boxes of their own. I am and always will be a big fan of Judo. It is a beautiful art that has produced many great athletes and countless practitioners. I look forward to seeing the evolution of both disciplines by building bridges, breaking down walls and before you know it we are going to run out of boxes to crush.


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